God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book
God's Not Done Book

God's Not Done Book

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Life happens. Courage leaks. One too many sucker-punches and, before we know it, we find ourselves clinging to faith. Longing to be brave. Desperate to rediscover hope. That’s the aim of this simple book. With 50 short chapters, you’ll find encouragement for your soul as you journey towards a good God who’s not done writing your story of triumph.

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In this simple book, Scott Harris has captured the beauty of encouragement as he shifts our focus on the goodness of God in all things. It is hope for the soul.
— Bob Goff
NY Times Bestseller and Encourager to Millions

In our fast-paced, social media crazed world, to pause and take a breathe is almost an admission of defeat.  I’ve known Scott for many years. And In that time I’ve always admired how he’s led by example and championed others to live hopeful and expectant of God’s never-failing wonder and goodness. This book is the air we all need to come up for.
— Clint Gresham
Super Bowl XLVIIII Champion, Six-year NFL veteran, International Speaker, and best-selling author of “becoming: loving the process to wholeness.”

Pastor Scott Harris has a story. You do as well. What makes Scott unique is in his book he dares to believe that your story is not done, and the God stories, the one you’re in, change the world. This happens to be true. Dare you to read this.
— Eric Samuel Timm
Artist, Author, Orator, Hope Dealer

A must read! The importance of trusting in the Lord for guidance in our lives is revealed through these practical and useful devotionals. A powerful reminder that even when we feel like giving up and are beyond all hope, God is still for us and is not done!
— Travis Hearn
Author, Senior Pastor of Impact Church, Scottsdale, AZ, Chaplain for the Phoenix Suns

I’ve never met someone who wanted less hope in life. What I love about my friend Scott is that he is a dispenser of the hope of Jesus. This devotional will be an asset to you, causing you to slowdown, think about and receive the hope that comes from understanding and embracing that GOD IS NOT DONE!
— Tyler Sollie
Lead Pastor, Life Center, Tacoma, WA

I’ve known Scott for a couple decades. He’s got a genuine heart to help people become who they were made to be. I know this book will lift your hope and help to set your eyes onto Jesus. 
— Troy Jones
Lead Pastor of New Life Church, Renton, WA, Author and founder of Recalibrate